Community Dashboard



The North Dakota Department of Commerce, announced the release of the cloud-based Main Street Community Dashboard. The dashboard will provide community leaders publicly available, but not always easy to find, information that can be used to help grow healthy, vibrant, financially solvent communities.

The dashboard will continue to evolve over the next several months. It includes community profile information, state, county and city financial information as well as education highlights. 

City%20Dashboard.png  City%20Benchmark.png  County%20Dashboard.png

Beginning this summer, the dashboard will provide the option for city leaders to edit and update specific information that may help their economic development efforts and provide transparency of government. It will also be downloadable in Microsoft Excel or printed to PDF. The dashboard will continue to be enhanced based on user feedback.  

User Feedback

The dashboard is one of several tools being delivered through the Main Street Initiative to help communities who are building for the future. 



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