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May 16 2018

Governor’s Main Street Initiative meets Mandan leaders

Gov. Doug Burgum says the city of Mandan has some of the best bones he’s seen.

“Some communities have lost some of (those) historic structure(s) because they’ve been torn down or there’s not enough left and they're kind of starting over, but Mandan's got a chance to do some really interesting infill projects, which they’ve already done, as well as doing historic renovation in combination of those two things,” the governor said after a roundtable discussion Wednesday with Mandan government and business leaders.

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May 16 2018

Downtown Hugo's could be part of development

Grand Forks City Council members Monday unanimously approved tax increment financing incentives for two proposed downtown development projects, including a mixed apartment and commercial development and the renovation of a historic building.

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May 15 2018

Game and Fish is bringing catfish to the community fisheries

Now that the snow has melted people can start dusting off their fishing poles and fueling up their boats.

The North Dakota Department of Game and Fish is doing their part to make the season even more enjoyable for anglers.

The department is pulling catfish out of Lake Sakakawea in Dunn Center and depositing them at community fisheries in the Southwest region like the Dickinson Dike.

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May 14 2018

Mandan will see business development

It was Mandan's 2nd tour of the downtown area -- it's purpose -- to encourage downtown development. 

Last year the tour had around 40 people -- this year over 100.
That means your opinion is highly involved in the growing scene in Mandan. 

Residential living, office spaces, and retail and restaurants -- all what Mandan is looking for -- that's what officials say -- but for long-time residents it gives a better variety. 

Tyler Huck, Mandan Resident, says, "There's more options. To have fun and entertain and do a show of Mandan."

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May 10 2018

Youths get spotlight during roundtable event

Hayden Kemp and his colleagues had a few things to say to Gov. Doug Burgum while he was in town for the Main Street roundtable discussion.

Kemp is a Williston High School student, and he was among youths invited to participate in the high level discussion, which also featured many community and business leaders sharing their thoughts on Williston and its challenges.

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April 30 2018

8 Reasons to Move to North Dakota

Beautiful scenery, friendly people and great job opportunities — North Dakota has it all.

Called the “Legendary State” for a reason, North Dakota is a serene prairie paradise full of nature.

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April 30 2018

2018 Top 100 Best Places to Live

What makes a great place to live and how do we decide that? For starters, we don’t decide.

You do.

We poll the nation each year to find out what matters most in communities throughout the U.S. Is health care most important, or affordable housing? Which matters more, commute times or climate? We then source the best public and private data available to find the small to mid-sized cities, towns and villages that meet your standards of a Best Place to Live.

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April 26 2018

Panel discusses what Jamestown needs to keep, attract young people

A panel of 18 people including high schoolers, college students and young professionals on Tuesday night at the University of Jamestown told an audience of less than a dozen community members what Jamestown needs to do to attract and keep young people.

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April 26 2018

Stats Suggest North Dakota Might be a Great Place to Start a Business

If you haven’t looked at North Dakota for your next business venture, you should reconsider doing so now. According to a new infographic based on research conducted by PlayUSA, the state gets high marks.

The infographic, “The States With The Best Economic Prospects” asks which states you should gamble on when making your decision to set up your life. PlayUSA researched the 10 Best US States for Young Pioneers based on key metrics to determine the best prospects for young entrepreneurs.

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April 21 2018

'Main Street Grand Forks Challenge' announced by UND, nonprofit

Grand Forks students can win up to $5,000 — plus other aid — to support community-boosting work through a new opportunity announced this week.

Dubbed the "Main Street Grand Forks Challenge," the contest was announced by Evolve Grand Forks and UND, and offered cash and support — like campus housing, UND scholarships and a membership at a downtown Grand Forks coworking space — for students who pursue projects that "address social issues and spur civic engagement at a grassroots level," per the announcement.

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April 20 2018

Gathering Place for the Community: Killdeer resident makes coffee shop, photography studio out of old pharmacy building

The Killdeer community will soon have a place to hang out and get coffee this summer.

By Zak Wellerman

Jenny Dobitz is working to renovate the old Killdeer pharmacy building into a coffee shop and photography studio called Old Crow Corner, LLC. She said the business is set to open in June.  Dobitz said she always wanted to start a coffee shop and this will give the community somewhere to hang out. “The community has been really good to us,” she said.

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April 20 2018

Burleigh, Morton marked for federal economic development tax incentives

Gov. Doug Burgum on Friday designated 25 areas in North Dakota, including several in Burleigh and Morton counties, as Opportunity Zones as part of a federal community development incentive program.

Opportunity Zones were established by Congress’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. They give tax incentives for investors, should they choose, to pool money in Opportunity Funds to invest in projects in the designated areas.

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April 18 2018

Bismarck students present ideas to revamp city

In January, city officials and the head of the state Department of Transportation posed this question to a group of sixth-graders in Bismarck: How do you envision Bismarck in 2030?

About three months later, the results have been presented. Powering the city through synthetic leaves, delivery drones and solar-powered sidewalks were just some of the ideas the sixth-grade students envisioned.

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April 16 2018

Bismarck is a top 10 city in which to start a business

When it comes to the best small cities in the nation to start a business, North Dakota ranks 8th.

That's according to personal finance Web site WalletHub, which released its annual survey today.

WalletHub compared more than 1,200 small cities using 18 economic measurements.

Bismarck ranks above the national average in investment accessibility, startups per capita, average revenue per business, industry variety and workforce educational attainment.

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April 16 2018

Creating new opportunities for Minot; growing existing developments

The Minot Area Development Corporation (MADC) continues to have a prominent role in the progression of Minot’s economy. MADC achieved immense milestones within the last year and is making history for the Magic City. With various projects underway in 2017, MADC focused in on creating new opportunities for Minot as well as growing existing developments, such as the MAGIC Sky Initiative.

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April 16 2018

Local events for entrepreneurs are on the rise

Entrepreneurial engagement is surging in Bismarck-Mandan.

Any given Wednesday morning at Dakota Stage in Bismarck, 85 to 90 people gather for the weekly edition of 1 Million Cups, an event aimed at supporting startup companies in the community and state. When the event started five years ago, it attracted about 20 attendees.

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April 09 2018

Hawaii, North Dakota named top US states for employment

With an unemployment rate of just 2% compared to the national average of 4.1%, Hawaii also holds one of the lowest labor force participation rates at just 62.3%. Comparatively, North Dakota, ranked second, has an unemployment rate of 2.6%, but a much higher labor force participation of 70% - the highest of any US state.

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April 06 2018


I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in a number of community initiatives in a few different cities over the years. Recently, we’ve paid special attention to elevating the presence of young people in project development.  And not surprisingly, when we ask them to be involved, we never get turned down.  It seems students are craving community engagement at much younger ages today.  Maybe it’s because they have easier access to information on what’s happening in their communities. Maybe it’s because they’re seeing things they don’t like.  Maybe it’s a little of both.

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April 05 2018

Jamestown Arts Center Getting Summer Programming in Park Set

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – The Jamestown Arts Center received a $10,000 grant earlier this year to host a weekly event at the park to help promote downtown.

Jamestown Arts Center Executive Director Larry Kopp says the grant from North Dakota Tourism was distributed with the hope of growing downtown’s of several communities. Kopp says this was inspired by Governor Burgum.

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April 05 2018

Burgum tours Dickinson

Gov. Doug Burgum and Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford toured Dickinson on Wednesday.

As part of the governor's Main Street ND Initiative, the Downtown Dickinson Association and city of Dickinson hosted Burgum and Sanford as they visited Dickinson State University, enjoyed a walking tour of the city's downtown and held a listening session at Dickinson Public Library.

Burgum said he enjoyed the experience.

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April 03 2018

The City of Mandan shares plans for a new entertainment district

Mandan is about to see big changes. An old lot sitting empty for years is being transformed into an entertainment center: The Railyard.

The name says a lot about the city's history.

Mandan City Administrator Jim Neubauer says, "Mandan is a railyard town, there's no getting around it. We've got the tracks going right through the center of town. You know, they've been a big part of this community ever since it was created."

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